Our Commitment to Safety

Risk identification and control requires a contractor that can customize and implement a project-specific jobsite safety program. Kokolakis Contracting has made investments to ensure its people are well-versed in safety protocol through OSHA certification programs and trade-based safety training.

“We believe there is no job so important nor any service so urgent that would justify subjecting anyone to potential risks.” –  Joseph Kokolakis, President

The words of the President are echoed by every member of the team. Kokolakis Contracting believes safety is the industry’s top priority and responsibility. The team takes pride in operating a safe and orderly jobsite.

Safety Training

The Kokolakis Team participated in a safety training provided by Dannick and covered the following topics:

  • New OSHA Standards
  • Silica Rule
  • Accident Investigation & Reporting
  • Safety (OSHA) Documentation
  • Safety Inspections
  • Enforcement
  • Job Site Safety


Fall Protection Class

A few members of the Kokolakis Team attended the EM-385 24 hour Competent Fall Protection Person Class provided by Local 17.